About the Compact with Africa

The G20 Compact with Africa (CwA) was initiated under the German G20 Presidency to promote private investment in Africa, including in infrastructure. The CwA’s primary objective is to increase attractiveness of private investment through substantial improvements of the macro, business and financing frameworks. It brings together reform-minded African countries, international organizations and bilateral partners from G20 and beyond to coordinate country-specific reform agendas, support respective policy measures and advertise investment opportunities to private investors. The initiative is demand-driven and open to all African countries. Since its launch in 2017, the CwA has sparked great interest. So far, twelve African countries have joined the initiative: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo and Tunisia.

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Compact Countries


    Burkina Faso
    Cote d'Ivoire


Partner Organizations


    G-20 Japan
    G-20 Argentina 2018
    G-20 Germany 2017
    African Dev. Bank Group
    International Monetary Fund
    World Bank Group

G20 Leaders' Declaration, Hamburg, 7/8 July 2017

"We welcome the outcomes of the G20 Africa Partnership Conference in Berlin, which highlighted the need for joint measures to enhance sustainable infrastructure, improve investment frameworks as well as support education and capacity building. Individual priorities for “Investment Compacts” were put forward by Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal and Tunisia. Led by the respective African countries, the African Development Bank, IMF and WBG as well as the G20 and other partners, these Compacts aim to mobilise private investment as well as promote efficient use of public funding.

We are ready to help interested African countries and call on other partners to join the initiative. We support the goals of the Partnership through complementary initiatives as well as encourage the private sector to seize African economic opportunities in supporting sustainable growth and employment creation."   
Copyright: G20 GERMANY 2017, HAMBURG
Joining Forces 2017
  "I would also like to thank the G-20 under the leadership of Germany for this innovative initiative of emphasizing the private sector. Innovative because, in the past our cooperation has been mainly focused on the public sector, and it is high time that the private sector takes center stage…We in Rwanda have seen our long‑term development through the eyes of private sector development…The Compact with Africa comes at the right time, as many African countries have been reforming the environment to make it more conducive to private investment."

Claver Gatete, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Rwanda

“We see the CWA as a long-term, demand-driven process. It is open to all African countries that are interested in improving their investment environment on a sustainable basis. The decision-makers are the African countries: They will determine what they want to do to improve conditions for private investment, with whom they want to cooperate, and in what form.”

Wolfgang Schäuble, German Federal Minister of Finance from 2009-2017


“I want to commend the German government for making the Compact with Africa a G20 priority this year. This compact has the potential to mobilize investment and energize inclusive economic growth in Africa. The IMF greatly appreciates the support of the German government for our capacity-building efforts in Africa and we are very pleased to participate in this important initiative.”

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director International Monetary Fund.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Oct 27, 2020

Africa Advisory Group (AAG)
Virtual Meeting

Washington D.C., USA

May 27, 2020

Africa Advisory Group (AAG)
Virtual Meeting

Washington D.C., USA

June 4-6, 2020

2020 Africa-France Summit
Bordeaux, France

November 19, 2019

Compact with Africa High-Level Conference
Hosted by Chancellor Angela Merkel
Berlin, Germany

G20 Investment Summit 2019 – German Business and the CwA Countries
Hosted by Chancellor Angela Merkel
Berlin, Germany

November 11-13, 2019

Africa Investment Forum
Johannesburg, South Africa

October 16, 2019

Africa Advisory Group (AAG) Meeting
Washington DC, USA

September 12, 2019

G20 Compact Blended Finance Peer Learning Seminar
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

August 27-30, 2019

Tokyo International Conference on African Development
Yokohama, Japan
Side-Event August 29, 2019:
G20 Compact with Africa Seminar
Yokohama, Japan

June 13-14, 2019

First Economic Forum Togo - European Union
Lome, Togo

June 18-20, 2019

Tuni, Tunisia

June 20-21, 2019

Tunisia Investment Forum (TIF 2019)
Tuni, Tunisia

April 10, 2019

Africa Advisory Group (AAG) Meeting
Washington DC, USA

February 11-13, 2019

German-African Business Summit
Accra, Ghana

December 17-18, 2018

Senegal Consultative Group Meeting
Paris, France

December 8/9, 2018

Business for Africa and the World Forum
Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

December 4, 2018

German-African Day on Green Technology
Berlin, Germany

December 3, 2018

German-African Day on Mobility
Berlin, Germany

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January 22, 2018

German-African Agribusiness Forum
Berlin, Germany